Web Design Scotland

Ray Smith; born in Edinburgh 1948 having enjoyed Arts and Science at school, left at the age of fifteen wanting to pursue a career in lithography but couldn’t find work so took a temporary job in a garage as an apprentice motor mechanic.

In 1975 he started his own business repairing Car radios having worked as an auto electrician and then radio installer/repair engineer. This business blossomed and provided Ray with some great times and happy memories. Ray’s artistic side was kept alive with his photography hobby and when the internet came along the same inquisitive nature that made him want to know how things worked (car radio’s etc) found him learning how to make websites and put his art online.

The personal touch that Ray brings to the website business is appreciated by his clients. From complete computer novices to multinational companies Ray takes the time to explain in terms that can be understood by all.

Having completed some small web design projects for local companies and some larger corporate design work Ray is finally doing what he loves most.

Ray noticed that the same concerns were being expressed by prospective clients. The lack of relevant content or in fact the inability to either think up the words or find the time in their working day to devote to web content and price, so he put his mind to these two opportunities.

  1. Ray came up with the idea of spreading the cost to help with cash-flow and websitelocal.co.uk was born.
  2. By offering to visit local companies and spend time asking about the business Ray can very often write much of the content and using special tools come up with the best keywords for SEO etc.

If you are in East central Scotland & fancy a new website built using the latest mobile friendly technology and optimized for all major search engines, please contact us. Or visit the website