The number one Top Tip in our latest e-book and page is the importance and value of choosing the best domain name for your website.

Example: We recently did a complete site rebuild for a client This domain had been registered and hosted for a long time by Yell but the client wanted something better.

The Problem: The long domain name was frequently misspelt and difficult to remember.

The Solution: Because the site had history and backlinks we registered  and made it redirect to the main site.

The Takeaway: The client could shout out the new easy to remember URL at his events and publishing material so he was happy. The lesson is if you are building a new site be very careful about Domain name choices and if you have an old established site it may not always be best to change the URL completely, alternatively redirect from a better one.


More Info

The URL links above refer to our latest site build for a local DJ and entertainment company who’s old site was built and hosted by Yellow pages. Built on a template that made it look like all the others from Yell it was getting no traffic and David had difficulty in making changes to it. Since the domain name had been out there for a long time it made no sense to ditch it since up-time is a Google SEO ranking factor, so we moved it over to our hosting company and rebuilt the complete site using the Divi theme.

David the client was very happy with the outcome however we felt the domain name was lacking in as much as it was too long, difficult to remember and spell properly so we suggested a shorter one with the keywords DJ and Eastlothian (the locality) and although this will not directly get any back-links because it just bounces to it is on his business cards and can be easily remembered by anyone at David’s gigs. What do you think? Contact Us…