Photography and website Images

While words and the content message of your website are important, it’s the images that first catch the eye of your audience and this is where many web designers get it wrong.

You can have our in-house photographer visit your premises to capture your business or we offer a Photoshop service where we can improve/enhance your own images. We can also take studio shots of your products and optimise them for the web.

Bespoke creation of web images in photoshop like this leaflet example and the folder covers on the home page can be customised for you and produced from scratch for as little as £25 or a few pennies onto your monthly payments.

There are thousands of cheap royalty free web images available from sites like and we recommend this type of file over simply copying others pictures.

Done properly the images on your website can contribute to the overall SEO and help your site get found by the use of the correct tags which we attach to each image. Badly formatted images can slow down your site and adversely affect the search engines.

Video and YouTube play a huge part in getting your website noticed by Google and the other search engines, as you would expect, we can help with this media format too.

Example of Video production…