Installation Quote


Non-refundable charge, refunded from the finished job



Why should I pay you for a quote?

As internet-savvy consumers, we are used to comparing prices. After all, a (perceived) better deal is usually only a mouse click away.

It is understandable that you need to get an idea of what sort of costs are in your proposed sound upgrade, however, the only way to get an accurate figure is to spend time looking at the exact requirements then pricing and finding out supplier stock and any special offers that may be available.

This usually involves several emails back and forth then phone calls to suppliers and finally writing up a well-prepared, itemised quote. This all takes time.

If you tell a builder that you’re not 100% sure if you’re going to do the project or which builder you’re going to use if you do, but that you want a free quote to help you decide, then you should not be surprised if the builder does not want to spend the necessary time preparing a good, well thought out quote. Working for free is not a good way to stay in business, so inevitably you will get a ‘guesstimate’, which is worse than useless.

We could give you a free estimate which you will almost always think is too high since we will only supply the highest quality wiring components and use extra sound damping materials, plus since we are guessing, We will probably err on the high side of labour time to do the job. When you add this to the best internet price you have found for the same components from me you will probably go elsewhere and maybe at best, not get the benefits of our fitting expertise or worst a bodged job is done and you will lose any extended warranty that we offer.

There is really little point in us “guestimating” so we won’t

Given the time to research all the necessary parts and best deals that we can do for you will result in an unbeatable offer that we are confident won’t be matched anywhere (Like for Like). Plus all Four Master products we supply will enjoy an extended three-year warranty when we fit them and are backed by the nationwide Four Master installation guarantee.

We will make a non-refundable charge of £50 for a well-prepared, itemised quote, which will be refunded from the finished job if you hire us. If you don’t hire us then you still have a proper quote to use as a benchmark for other vendors.