We designed and built a specialist website called “Shelfhelp” for P&G over twelve months ago. This site was designed to help Procter & Gambles customers and small shopkeepers to optimize the layout of products on their shelves. As new products are released the need for fresh Plano-grams was called for and so we have just completed the latest refresh of this site.

Although we offer affordable websites to small local businesses on websitelocal.co.uk  we also have a corporate website webdesignray.co.uk which caters for larger jobs like this one.

The original brief for www.shelfhelp.co.uk was for a responsive parallax design which would have dynamic shelve pop-up images that would work on all platforms and mobile devices. There were several ways to tackle a job like this and because of the constraints of dealing with P&G’s outside media company, I can say that there were some challenging times in finishing the original site to spec, however this re-build has been conducted directly with the parent company so from my point of view a pleasure to deal with and progress was much quicker this time round.

This is such a specialist website that is promoted internally by P&G’s professional  sales people to their direct customers that it at first glance not seem interesting to the casual observer but it certainly surprised me to know that this company has so many brands and that it’s so important how they are displayed. I love my job 😉