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Questions & Answers

We have compiled a list of Frequently asked Questions below, if the below doesn’t answer your question, please contact us using the links at the top of this page

  • Do you only make sites for local companies? No we have been building websites for some of the Worlds biggest companies, examples can be seen on our corporate webdesign site at www.webdesignray.co.uk. There is an example of a parallax design here.. (Speak to us if this appeals to you). Our Local design idea is to help the smaller business in our area.
  • What happens once I order a new website? If you decide to use our services we will arrange to meet with you and discuss your exact requirements. At this first meeting which should take no more than an hour of your time we will ascertain which package you need. We will talk about email, – Photos/images, – Social media, and SEO and if you wish to proceed we will ask you to provide the words and content for your new pages. If you already have a website we will need to have the hosting and domain details so that we can start sprucing up your new web presence. If you have never had a website before we will find a suitable domain name and register it for you. DNS (Dynamic Name Servers) need up to 48 hours to resolve your new domain name, then we can start work on your new site.You will be given a username and password so initially only you (and us) can see the website progress and between us we will shape the pages, words, images and functionality to your exact requirements (within reason! If you ask us for impossible features or unfriendly web colours or unsuitable images, we may decline) We hope you will be happy to be guided by our expertise and specialist knowledge in interpreting your thoughts through to a finished site which once completed will have the password removed and the whole world will see your masterpiece.
  • Do you make Apps for my phone? yes our new App service can be found here: here..
  • Where can I get support? If you need our technical help, you can raise a support ticket here..